The Yanagiba is a long, slender knife used mainly to slice sashimi. “hiku” the verb ‘to pull’ is exactly the technique used when cutting with a Yanagiba, due to its length it means very little pressure is required when drawing through the fish. The amount of cutting techniques available to enhance the flavour, texture and appearance of the food means this knife will provide a constant learning curve for its user.

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Product Description

Yanagiba knife 270 600pro

As the Yanagiba specialises in prepping sashimi, it is no wonder the blade is also used for skinning as in many cases the skin is removed, giving the fish a finer texture. The 600 pro Yanagiba is a perfect example of where modern meets tradition. The one piece precision forged construction provides unparalleled stiffness, whilst the ergonomic handles help with grip and safety.

The facts:

  • Authentic Japanese blade 
  • Miyabi tampering process giving the knife a hardness of 57 on the rockwell scale as well as making it resistant to corrosion, rusting and pitting. 
  • Extremely sharp edge, protected by honbazuke honing. 
  • Triple rivet easy-care western style handle


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