GYUTOH 8″ (200mm)


A great all-rounder, suitable for most kitchen duties

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The GYUTOH’s heft, weight and balance allows this knife to cut thicker vegetables and meats, the 200 mm being exceptionally good for thick vegetables. The slightly curved blade is perfect to implement the three basic cutting motions of circular-action, chopping and rocking whilst the broadness keeps your fingers out of harms way. The versatility of this well-balanced knife will amaze any chef and home cook as it truly is a work horse.

An advanced core material (CMV60) coated in 100 layers of beautifully hand crafted damascus steel makes this knife stand out for its durability and resistance to shattering. As Zwilling J.A. Henckels hardens every knife with their trademark CRYODUR® you can be sure that this knife will have superior cutting edge retention and will avoid corrosion. Taken together, the design and materials used in creating this GYUTOH you will not be disappointed to add this to your collection

The facts:

  • A 19° degree symmetric blade finished with 3-step Honbazuke horning method
  • Micro Carbide powdered steel core coated in 100 layers of magnificently patterned damascus steel either side.
  • Traditional Japanese D-shape Masur Birch wood handle enhanced with a mosaic pin and a metal end cap featuring the MIYABI logo
  • The handle being food-safe, hygienic and durable
  • 63° HRC hardness Blade with maximised corrosion resistance, toughness, and edge retention
  • Miyabi knives made in Seki, Japan by Zwilling J.A. Henckels Japan
  • Length: 200mm


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