BREAD KNIFE 9″ (230mm)


Probably the greatest bread knife “in the world”

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Product Description

Bread knife 230 5000 MCD

Every good knife set requires a high quality bread knife. The 5000 MCD version has to be one of the most outstanding on the market. Built with a Zwilling J.A. Henckels patented CMV60 core and encased in 100 layers of damascus steel with ornate floral etchings it really stands out from the crowd. The serrated edge glides through the toughest rustic loaf without squishing the soft bread inside, they also prevent the edge from loosing its sharpness. However, this is not an issue as an advanced 4-step tampering process has been used to create a resilient and reliable blade.

Not only confined to slicing bread, this wonder can be used to easy cut tender tomatoes, make quick work of a block of chocolate or simply devour a cake. This blade denotes the series, unrivalled beauty with outstanding functionality.

The facts

  • Symmetric blade finished with 3-step Honbazuke horning method
  • Micro Carbide powdered steel core coated in 100 layers of magnificently patterned damascus steel either side.
  • Traditional Japanese D-shape Masur Birch wood handle enhanced with a mosaic pin and a metal end cap featuring the MIYABI logo
  • The handle being food-safe, hygienic and durable
  • 63° HRC hardness Blade with maximised corrosion resistance, toughness, and edge retention
  • Miyabi knives made in Seki, Japan by Zwilling J.A. Henckels Japan


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